⟡ maddastic ⟡ adventure is calling!

Concept art for the retelling of one my favourite Italian fairytales, The Canary Prince. Why a retelling? There is nothing wrong with the original story: princess imprisoned by her evil stepmother, falls in love with a random guy who turns out to be a prince (lucky!), they are discovered and the prince gets stabbed, she saves his life and then they get married (and live happily ever after obviously!). It sounds a bit old fashioned doesn't it? What if she is not a helpless princess, what if he is not just a random guy, what if they save eachother and run away together. I want kids to know that it is ok to stand up and fight evil for a good cause, to save a friend, and, most importantly, to stand up for themselves.


Alma (she/her)✨, young mage in training, she works at the Wizard's Castle as an apprentice. She's been on her own for a long time, but she is ambitious and strong willed, she doesn't needs anybody's help to become the best mage in the realm. She shows great potential in her use of primal magic, but she is forced to subdue her instinct in order to controll her power, or to be controlled by the Wizard himself...?


Felix (he/him), heir to the throne of Alderia. He lives in the Royal Palace, always surrounded by servants, but never in the company of true friends. Kind hearted and with his head in the clouds, he loves escaping to the woods, walking on the grass barefoot and befriending wild animals. His beloved mother tells him he will be a great king one day, even greater than his grandfather. Timid and gentle, Felix is many things, but he doesn’t think “great” is one of them. Sometimes he wishes he could fly away from it all and live free in the wild!