⟡ maddastic ⟡ adventure is calling!

In 2020 I started working remotely. Going from being in a big open space office to staying at home all day was not an easy task. Thanks to technology and fast broadband, I was able to keep in touch with colleagues and friends and to develop a healthy relationship with my new working environment. When my friend Maila told me about her research on "human-centred virtual work environments", I was eager to learn more and simply couldn't wait to jump on board. She then commissioned me to create a colourful cover image for her upcoming article featured on medium.com

"Increasingly, work is no longer about where you go, but about what you do and the impact you make."- Deloitte, 2020

We started brainstorming some ideas. I immediately thought of setting our scene someplace remote: a deserted island, deep into the abyss or lost into the galaxy. Maila picked the space theme and so I started sketching a happy astronaut surrounded by all her office stationery. Virtual projections of her team members are all around her and a cup of good coffee is a floating nearby, just in case!