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the witch's

Digital illustration made with Procreate on iPad Pro inspired by the stop-motion movie Paranorman by Laika Studio. This year is the 10th anniversary of the film so I’ve decided to draw this fanart to celebrate.

I wanted to create an illustration that was both adventurous and scary at the same time. Here you can see Norman, wearing the white and red shirt, with his best friend Neil and his ghost dog. They are running through the woods to escape the witch’s curse.


This movie is so full of details, textures and it shows so many funny moments. It’s the perfect movie to watch with friends and family.

It has great story and character development, but what I love the most is how this film is teaching very valuable lessons too. Like dealing with bullies in school, making new friends and embracing your weirdness, because that is what makes us unique.

There's nothing wrong with being scared Norman, so long as you don't let it change who you are.- Norman's Grandma