⟡ maddastic ⟡ adventure is calling!

During this exciting collaboration with Vectornator, I've created a series of art tutorial focusing on using vector art to bring your character to life. From the first sketch to the final environment. You can watch the entire series on Vectornator's YouTube Channel.


A little bit about Jocasta, Jo for short. She is a moody girl with psychic powers and a bit of a temper. She can talk to ghosts and cast spells, but she’d rather be just a normal teenager. She lives on Earth and thanks to her abilities she can tap into the hidden world of spirits. She helps others by fighting evil ghosts, but no one really knows she is there to protect them. For that reason she feels lonely most of the time and she finds it hard to make new friends. The only creature that never leaves her side is a dummy ghost she carries around in her bag.